~Our Neighborhood Bear

July 2020

In the Spring and Summer, we have bears wandering through the neighborhood looking for food. I guess this big guy decided he needed a nap, perhaps after getting into someone’s garbage. Everyone, please don’t put your cans out until the morning of pickup.

3 thoughts on “~Our Neighborhood Bear”

  1. Amazing photos … I like photos of bears like this but would not want to be in the same area as one. In case you are interested we are back blogging on the old blog: https://bhounds3.blogspot.com. I know Blogger is a bad work here on WordPress but it works better for me with 9 years of photos involved.

    1. Congratulations Steve!! A quote I found the other day. “ A little dog – is a heartbeat at my feet.”
      I am getting a puppy on August 24th. She will be 10 weeks old. A Keeshond like my Skye whom I lost to cancer. 😢

      I seem to have difficulty posting a comment on your site. 😜

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