~South Dakota Birding Series

June 2021

We are spending some time in  South Dakota, staying at a RV park in Hermosa, and on Friday we will head to Spearfish for a few days. We met our good friends here, and have met their friends.

 We are enjoying some good food and some good laughs. The only negative is that it has been HOT and WINDY.

We have driven through Custer State Park and Wind Cave National Park. A few of us toured the cave. We also visited Mount Rushmore and today visited Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City, which was very nice.

The first day here and with the assistance of ebird.com, I was lucky to find number 407 to add to my birding life list.


Dickcissel sitting on a fence post in a beautiful grassland valley on North Cobb Road.
Nice view of his back, note the rust coloring.
Singing his heart out hoping to find his love!

More photos to come of our visit here in South Dakota,

One thought on “~South Dakota Birding Series”

  1. How exciting you have a new bird for your life-list! The bird I remember most in SD was the Meadow Lark, I think? That area of SD is enchanting. Can’t wait to see more photos and posts! k

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