~An old Cottonwood Tree

July 2021

years have  pasted

what has it seen

what has it heard

what has it felt

how many birds and animals

has it supported

Sad to see this old Cottonwood tree die.

You may wonder how long do cottonwood trees live? A native tree can grow well into the range of 70 to 100 years, although they have the potential to grow well into a couple of hundred years unless they fall over or fall to disease.

3 thoughts on “~An old Cottonwood Tree”

  1. This was great – and if you live trees (seems like you do) you should check out the challenge this month using the #treesquare tag (lots of great trees)

    1. Hi! Thanks for following! Yes, I have always loved trees! I remember as a kid climbing trees with a book and getting lost in the stories.

      1. Oh how lucky you were to be able to read in trees – that sounds like e great experience and cool way to read
        And glad to follow –
        Look forward to connecting via blog land

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