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I have a passion for the outdoors and I am most happy enjoying what nature has to offer. Hobbies include photography, birding, Pickleball, astronomy, biking, and hiking. I have been happily married, for 44 years, to an amazing person.

~A snowy Day

Snow on the ground,

clear blue skies,

wind whistling through the pines,

all make a cold wintry day.


We woke up this morning to 9-degree temperatures with lite snow falling. By mid-morning the sun had melted a lot of the snow, but the temperature was still in the single digits.

I always try to keep the bird feeders free of snow.

Spotted Towhee
Just trying a panoramic shot of the backyard. A birdbath full of snow.
Blue skies
Bunny sunning herself!
I took this photo, of the Mallards, a few days ago. Not seeing a lot of waterfowl, on the ponds, mostly Canada Geese.


I wish Skye was here to enjoy this wintery day.
And, I wish she was this young.

Wishing for Spring!

~Simple Pleasures…

Simple Pleasures

A morning cup of coffee,

beautiful fall days,

clouds floating across the sky,

dogs that adore you,

evening light,


glowing stars,

glasses of wine,

hugs from those that love you,

interesting areas,



loving with all your heart,

moonlit skies,



owl hoots in the night,


quite time,

reading a book,

riding a bike,



taking time to reflect,

universe observation,

voices of family,

walks in the warmth of the sun,

watching wildlife in the yard,

eXtra time for hobbies,

yards filled with flowers,






~A Joy in Life…


To share your life,

with a friend,

is pure joy.

Especially a  four-legged one,

because they will always,

give you unconditional love.

A happy Kloudy
Kloudy, with love in her heart.
Skye River, pure devotion.
Skye when she was a puppy
Kloudy taking a snooze.
Skye River cooling off.


Love them every day!

~Skye River


A name was chosen for a little ball of fur,

It was perfect, it fit,

She was brilliant, just like the River In the Sky,

Her name was Skye River,

Always by my side,

She was my light, my joy,

Skye has returned to the River in the Sky,

She will always be in my heart and by my side,

My shadow, my best friend, my sugar buddy.

No words can express the pain of loss,

She was loved, she was treasured,

It hurts, it just hurts


Skye River – 11/06/2005 – 10/17/2019

My Sweet Skye River

Syke River my Sugar Buddy

She was a happy girl!

Skye River, thanks for coming into my life. I love you.

~Hopefully, her beautiful spirit will meet another beautiful soul, her sister Kloudy.

Kloudy – 10/07/2004 – 02/20/2017

Kloud, the big sister, sweet and gentle.

Always a happy girl. She brought joy into our lives.

Kloud. She was always ready for an adventure. The explorer of the pack.

~Together they will once again be together. They will play and be free of pain. Free of cancer they both suffered from.

They loved each other and we loved them

My best buddies!

Both deeply loved.

They loved us.