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~A red-eyed Beauty



So how in the heck do you pronounce the name of this red-eyed beauty?     fey i no pep la


Notice the red eye.

The phainopepla or northern phainopepla is the most northerly representative of the mainly tropical Central American family Ptiliogonatidae, the silky flycatchers. Its name is from the Greek phain pepla meaning “shining robe” in reference to the male’s plumage.



  • The Phainopepla is particularly notable for its pattern of breeding twice each year, in two different habitats.

  • An individual eats at least 1,100 mistletoe berries per day, when they are available.

  • When pursued by predators or handled by humans, it mimics the calls of other birds; imitations of at least 13 species have been recorded.

The other day I was trying to take a photograph of this bird when an elderly man stopped and asked me “what kind of bird is that”. I told him it was a fey i no pep la and he said: “a what”.

It made me smile! Of course, I had to say to myself – fey i no pep la before I told him!


Enjoy the outdoors, enjoy nature, enjoy birding, and enjoy learning how to pronounce new words!


~Friday’s Feathered Friends

My backyard visitors.

~Blue Jay

This poor guy is molting, but still handsome.

~Stellar Jay

These guys usually remain higher in the mountains. It is nice to have her foraging in my yard.

~Black-capped Chickadee

One of my favorite birds, always fun to watch.

Broad-tailed Hummingbird (female)

This little female is probably one of the last to visit my feeders. I had four hanging around, but they have decided to head south. Wishing them a safe journey.

Juncos and White-crowned Sparrows have shown up, indicating they are migrating south and down from higher elevations.

Look for migrating birds in your yard.


Happy Birding!