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Poetry: ~Sun Kissed Wings~

sun kissed wings, glistening bright

glimpses of movement within sight


honey bees flitting here, there

tiny beauties carrying pollen with skilled flair


bush to bush, flower to flower

working hard, hour by hour


busy they must be

pollination, a major key


purpose, transferring this golden essence

no life without the bees presence


pure honey, another miracle achieved

many gifts we receive


where do bees go, when day turns to twilight

a secret, a mystery of the night

                                                                                     By Sheila: August 29 2013

In Flight
honey bees flitting here, there
Honey Bees love Speedwell Flowers
bush to bush, flower to flower
(photo taken June 6, 2013)
Pollination, a major key
pollination, a major key

OTW:~Autumn Joy & Honey Bees~

Sheila‘s On the Wing Shots: ~ Honey Bees enjoying Autumn Joy


Honey Bee and Autumn Joy
Honey Bee and Autumn Joy

I planted several Stonecrop plants along our driveway, because they are attractive, drought resistant and the bees love them. They are in full bloom and the Honey Bees are having a feast.


Autumn Joy Stonecrop



Sun Kissed Wings
Amazing Eyes
In Full Bloom


Photos taken this morning August 28, 2013.