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~We had bad weather last night.

~Last night we had heavy rain, hail, thunder, lightning, and strong winds. The mild temperatures we have been enjoying dropped down overnight to 43 degrees.

Thankfully, this morning the air feels fresh and cool. The sky is a brilliant shade of blue with white, puffy clouds.

As in life lately, after turbulent times, things can be calm again. 

I forget the name of this plant. I planted it last year and I am glad it is doing well.


Enjoy your Tuesday!

~Summer flowers


a day with friends

a lovely walk

uplifts the heart


I took a walk with friends in the mountains west of Loveland, and captured our experience with my camera. It was a lovely walk along the Big Thompson River.

The beautiful Big Thompson River

The flowers were beautiful, the river was roaring, and the conversation wonderful. We were on a mission to find an American Dipper, but it was not to be. Next time!

Shooting Star


Purple Locoweed

Heartleaf Bittercress



Enjoy the beauty of the summer!