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~Summer flowers


a day with friends

a lovely walk

uplifts the heart


I took a walk with friends in the mountains west of Loveland, and captured our experience with my camera. It was a lovely walk along the Big Thompson River.

The beautiful Big Thompson River

The flowers were beautiful, the river was roaring, and the conversation wonderful. We were on a mission to find an American Dipper, but it was not to be. Next time!

Shooting Star
Purple Locoweed
Heartleaf Bittercress

Enjoy the beauty of the summer!

~Poem- A flower blooms…

Loveland, CO, September 17, 2018


a flower blooms

one final burst of color

saying goodbye to summer

in late September



Maybe not, is this the last one?



~I have several pots of flowers in the yard and they keep producing new blooms; hopefully, until the first frost arrives. Autumn, is just around the corner.

“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”
John Donne

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”
John Howard Bryant

~A Violet for You~


a violet for you

with love, friends and family

enjoy tomorrow


A Violet growing in the  shade of a Longleaf Pine.
A Violet growing in the shade of a Longleaf Pine.

Photo taken: March 1, 2014, at Blackwater River State Park, Holt, Florida

The past few days have been absolutely beautiful, warm with sunny days and cool, starlit nights. We spent seven nights at Blackwater River State Park, this visit, which we enjoyed very much. I think this is our fourth visit to this scenic state park.

In the morning we head out to our next destination and I hope the great weather comes along!

During these past seven days we found new places to hike, a few birds to photograph, some beautiful, swampy, river areas to admire, and I can’t forget our sighting of the Fox Squirrel.

If you enjoy staying in state parks that are quiet and peaceful; filled with the aroma of pine with a gorgeous scenic river for kayaking and nature trails for hiking, then this state park is worth a look.

They have been working on a few renovations here at the park, specifically the pavilion on the river, which will be completed very soon. We can’t wait to see the improvements and to once again hike the trail along the riverbank. 

Live in the Now