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Never in my life have I attempted to write poetry; however I am currently enjoying trying.

FP: ~My Spring Yard~

 Pretty Periwinkle
Pretty Periwinkle


My spring yard with its many colors,
The Purple and Golds are most vibrant,
Demanding to be noticed on THIS day,
Their appearance is simply glorious.

Pretty little Dandelion
Pretty little Dandelion
~ I Love Purple ~
~ I Love Purple ~


To my list of colors, I add two,

Whites and Pinks in a showy display.

Growing on this mountain,

Despite the struggle, they make their presence known.

When you look at this little Columbine,

First appearances can be deceiving.

As with all things, striking beauty and magic.

Appears deep in the details and from within.

Sweet Woodruff
Sweet Woodruff
A Small Columbine
Striking Beauty
~ See a Bug ~
The Bug just might be the Magic

Poetry: ~Dandelions~

Boulders and Dandelions
Boulders and Dandelions

~Splash of color in a bunch,

early spring appearance.

~Hated, cursed, sprayed with poison,

not to be tolerated, disrupting a manicured environment. 

~Dare you show your presence,

aw, but abundance defies this abuse.

~I think they are beautiful, 

most people don’t agree.

~Struggling to live in nature,

lovely brilliant flower to fun willowy seed.

~I leave them be,

their presence is fine with me.

Pretty little Dandelion
Pretty little Dandelion
Dandelions, Periwinkle and Creek Boulders
Dandelions, Periwinkle and Creek Boulders
Aww ~ Sparkling Seed Head
Aw ~ Sparkling Seed Head
A Lovely Dandelion
A Lovely Dandelion

When Evening turns to Sunset…..

When Evening turns to Sunset.....
When Evening turns to Sunset…..

You bring us your beauty at the end of each day,

Shared so unselfishly.

No one really notices beyond the brilliance that you offer,

When evening turns to sunset that your display is scientific – no matter.

You ceremoniously paint the western sky with your light,

Bringing dramatic, warm, romantic hues of color for all to admire.

You guide us to the horizon with your nightly descend,

As we stare in still wonder never taking for granted this amazing sight.

Some days you’re aided with clouds and other aspects of nature,

Maybe birds soaring high one last time this day.

If one is so inspired we may be standing by a lake,

To see your beauty not once, but twice as it spreads on the surface.

Reflections of emotion caught in the beams of your light,

To be remembered and imprinted in our mind.

We thank you for your contribution at the end of this day,

And look forward until tomorrow when you become visible to us again.

Little Hearts Beating…..

December 15, 2012

I woke up this morning with these words in my head, which hardly ever happens.

Little hearts beating to the rhythm of their joy,

Little hearts beating in these girls and boys.


Their souls so innocent, love, laugh, learn and play,

On this day these are their tasks.


In walks a monster he is also young,

His heart beats with hate, he wears a mask.

It only takes seconds joyful lives taken,

It only takes seconds little hearts fall silent.


We all ask why, no one has an answer,

It makes no sense to a rational mind.


On this day and for a long time to come,

Our hearts beat with sadness.