An interesting person with an interesting way-of-life……

Today, he was dressed in work clothes – jeans, boots, hoodie, gloves and he was working in the woods. He looked the same.

We returned to this beautiful place to see what was new and what stayed the same! We spotted him while driving along this woody road as we hunted for the Fox Squirrel with my telephoto. We stopped our car to chat. He remembered us as we did him; an old friend who last year was a new friend and to think – I don’t even know his name.

We met last year when we were camping at Three Rivers State Park. We would be hiking in the woods and he would be working on the trail. We also would meet up with him – us hiking in the woods and him riding his trail bike on his day off. He was always friendly and seemed ever so happy and the same was true this day.

He loves to share his experience and appreciation for nature never seeming too busy or in a hurry for a chat. I guess he is just happy doing what he loves – volunteering in Florida State Parks enhancing the trail systems, finding Bald Eagle nests (which he shared with us last year) and a sundry of other woodsy tasks.

His work is hard, his life style simple and his rent is free. He is a full-time Rv’er and he can stay in a park for 4 months then he has to move on to the next one – rotating between his favorites. In his spare time you will find him hiking, biking or kayaking the rivers – a way of life that would suit very few, but just right for him it would seem. He is definitely an interesting person with an interesting way-of-life.

In parting today I said “You look so happy!” and he replied – “Yes, I am very happy!”

We hope to meet up with him again and I must remember to ask his name not that it really matters. And, next time just maybe I will get my photo of the elusive Fox Squirrel.

Two Side Trips…..

Two side trips……

Covington, LA

When we were in Purvis, MS we drove to Covington, LA to spend the day with dear friends whom we have known for a very long time. Their names are Brenda and Louis and Rhonda and Paul. We met at Rhonda and Paul’s beautiful home. Last time we all were together was about seven months ago so we spend time catching up on everyone’s activities prior to heading out for some good Louisiana seafood. We had lunch, on Rhonda’s excellent recommendation, at Chimes, a fairly new restaurant in Covington. We had a wonderful lunch and then went back to their house for dessert and more conversation. On our way west in March we hope to stop at Fairview State Park so we can spend more time with these dear friends.

Torreya State Park, FL

Being rained in is no fun so we decided to make the most of the day leaving Lake Seminole Park in a day long down pour that started before sunrise and headed to Torreya State Park looking for some sunshine and a new experience! We found both!!

The Torreya tree is one of the worlds’ rarest and oldest known trees and grows among the bluffs and ravines of the Apalachicola River Valley in Florida. There are only about 200 of these trees left.

Time to Head On Down the Road…

Leaving family, after a wonderful visit, is very sad, but we needed to head on down the road. Heart felt thanks and much love, to all, for making our visit so much fun! It is by far our most favorite “RV

Our new destination is Lake Seminole, Eastbank Campground, Bainbridge, GA. We discovered this Army Corps of Engineers Park last year, when we were camping at Three Rivers State Park near Sneads, FL. So here we are for two days ready to explore the area.

We arrived at the park yesterday, November 26th, in the early evening, setup and right-away noticed the sky filled with numerous clouds and the sun on its way to setting. I knew we were in for a treat. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous – the colors were breathtaking. The setting sun over Lake Seminole made it appear as if it was on fire! Canada Geese were swimming in the lake and busily feeding before nightfall.

Well, sometime during the early morning hours before sunrise it began to rain and it has rained all day long! It is a nice, slow, steady rain and one that is enjoyed from a warm, cozy place while drinking Plantation Mint hot tea. Since we have been prohibited from adventuring outside and exploring this beautiful area, as planned, we decided to stay another day. Tomorrow we are hoping for some sunshine.

Lake Seminole
Canada Geese enjoying the Evening

Our very favorite RV spot….

Welcome back to Mississippi…

We are surrounded by pines trees, live oak trees, Azalea bushes in every color, numerous other trees, bushes, and flowers. Not to leave out the dogs, cows, horses, wild birds and other nightly critters we hear, some far away and some pretty darn close. We are parked at my brother and sister-in-laws house in the middle of 160 acres. What a beautiful place!

Here we all are working hard!

Enjoying retirement: On The Road & At Home