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~An Autumn Poem from an Old Wise Tree

~September 22, 2020

“I am an old wise tree.”


I live by a pond along its shore,

Another year has passed,

I am preparing for winter.


People come to visit my pond,

To enjoy the birds and other wildlife,

They come to walk, run, and bicycle.


Sometimes they sit on a bench,

Underneath my branches,

I hear them speak.


Some are happy I hear them laugh,

Some are sad I hear them cry,

Some talk about troubled times.


A virus they say has invaded their world,

These times have brought suffering even death.

Will our lives ever be the same they ask each other.


Daily routines have been altered,

Everyday normal activities changed,

Personal interactions are difficult or nonexistent.


As one season ends and another begins,

I wish for these troubled times to be over,

I wish for normalcy to return.


Have hope my friends who sit underneath me,

For a have lived a long time I am wise,

Love, laughter, and good times will come.


Live and value each day to its fullest,

Enjoy these beautiful autumn days,

Have hope my friends who sit underneath me.




~A Peaceful Scene

~While hiking around Fremont Lake, I noticed this log fence among the Aspens. The shadows make a pretty photo.

I have more photos of this area, which I will post later.

Here are two links showing photos of  Fremond Lake and explaining its history.

Perhaps this fence was build during the CCC project.

We left Rim Station RV this morning leaving The Tetons and Pinedale behind. More photos to come.

~Ever Wonder…

~Somewhere north of Pinedale, WY.

I saw this old log cabin sitting in a field, and couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Ever pass an old homestead that is no longer occupied and wonder who lived there, what did they do for a living, how long has it sat empty?

Someone built this log cabin, how many years ago?

~did they cut the timber, for their home, themselves

~did they live there with a family,

~did they raise cattle,

~did they have a garden,

~did they travel by horse and buggy to the nearest trading post

What other questions would you add to my list?


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