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~Devil’s Backbone

~Loveland, Colorado, August, 2017

A mile to the west of us is an open space area called the Devil’s Backbone. This area is very popular with locals and visitors, offering seven miles of trail for hiking, biking, horse back riding and picnicking.  And, of course for taking photographs.

A path heading toward the unique rock formations.

For the last week or so we have had unusual rainy days. It has been nice for our dry environment turning the landscape green.

A green, lush meadow. Notice the bench for relaxing and enjoying nature.
A fallen Cottonwood Tree along the trail.
Looking west toward the Rocky Mountains
Great environment for birds and other wildlife.
Bullock’s Oriole nest hanging high in a Cottonwood tree. Good job!
I hope all the babies are somewhere else enjoying life.
A cloudy day in northern Colorado.

~Back in October, 2015, I took a night sky photograph workshop at the Devil’s Backbone. Here is the link to read about my experience.Night Sky Workshop

~Here is another one of my previous posts on the Devil’s Backbone. This one, a poetry challenge. Writing a Kyrielle-Sonnet

Enjoying Colorful Colorado!

~A few last photos from Lake Colorado City State Park

~Lake Colorado City State Park, Colorado City, Texas, April, 2017

oOo – Follow your dreams wherever they take you.

Way to the Lake
Path to the lake.

oOo – Take a moment and enjoy your surroundings.

Eastern Cottontail

oOo – Keep exploring, enjoy the journey.


oOo – Find the beauty in all things.

Lake Colorado City State Park beginning to bloom.

oOo – Be with those that bring you joy.

Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Bullock’s Oriole

oOo – Enjoy spending time alone.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (more photos of these gorgeous birds later)

Howard and I enjoy staying at this 500 acre Texas State Park with lake views and access. It is picturesque and quiet (in the early spring anyway, don’t know about the summer when full lake activities begin). Nature trails to walk with lots of wildlife to observe.

I imagine this park wouldn’t be for everyone. Too isolated with few amenities. However, if you love nature, birding, wildlife, peaceful days and dark skies then stop here for a few days.

oOo – A few photos from March, 2016:

The evening glow of sunlight across the park is gorgeous.

All alone.
All alone and loving it!

Here is a link: Lake Colorado City State Park

Golden-fronted Woodpecker
Golden-fronted Woodpecker


Happy Birding and Exploring!


~Almost feels like Spring…


Loveland, CO, May, 2017

A cool Spring day here in the Colorado Rockies. We went for a walk this morning along the Big Thompson River. Looks like we are caught in between Winter and Spring.

Soon, warmer weather will melt the snow in the mountains sending runoff to fill the river.

Big Thomson River
Big Thomson River waiting to be replenished.

Some Cottonwood trees have seen better days, some are starting to sprout their leaves. Wildflowers are starting to bloom. We heard that a Great Horned Owl is nesting in one of the Cottonwoods along the river path. Can’t wait to see babies.

Flowers starting to bloom along the Big Thomson River
Nice to see green here in the West.

Snow melting in the sun after our weekend snow.

After a spring snow
After a spring snow, in our yard.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring day!