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~Stay within the lines – or not!



With colored pencils,

and uncolored scenes,

an experience begins.

 Let the kid in you surface,

with a still mind,

escape to a magical place.

 Without intrusion or restriction,

your free to explore,

a creation becomes yours.


You might have heard about the new pastime  РAdult Coloring Books. I recently learned about this hobby from two friends. Thanks to them, my interest was piqued. I found myself looking at some coloring books and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did.

I remember, when I was young, sitting down at the kitchen table with a coloring book and the biggest box of Crayola crayons I could get my hands on. It was¬†a favorite inside activity and one enjoyed alone. I haven’t colored since and to be honest, didn’t even give it a thought. Until now.

Sitting here thinking about this post, I did a search on Adult Coloring Books and you wouldn’t believe how many¬†web-sites there are dedicated to this hobby.

Sites speaking about the health benefits, about whats the big deal, how long has it been popular, where did it originate (Europe), why are these books becoming best selling items in places such as Barnes and Noble, or why 8 of the 20 best selling books on Amazon are Adult Coloring Books, and the list going on.

Interesting isn’t it, in an environment where we can’t seem to escape the technology that surrounds us, this simple activity becomes so popular. And peaceful.

Here’s one¬†story published 12/30/2015 explaining its appeal…

Appeal of Adult Coloring


The Coloring Book I chose; Birds go figure!

Adult Coloring Book
Adult Coloring Book
Set of Colored Pencils
Set of Colored Pencils
It began
It began
Mandarin Duck
Mandarin Duck – my first colored page

Since purchasing my first Adult Coloring Book last month, I have completed six pages.  I show these pages, so you can see the intricate designs that most of these books offer and maybe to pique your interest.  Its not how or what I remember coloring when I was a kid! Its more fun!

You’re free to choose real or magical.


One might say,
coloring is for kids,
I don’t think so,
says the kid in me.
Coloring is for kids,
I don’t think so,
my experience enlightens me,
try it for yourself and see.
So tell me – do you enjoy coloring?