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~Zydeco-Contribution to ABC Wednesday~


Louisiana Creole Dance Music

ZydecoĀ is a musical genreĀ evolved in southwest LouisianaĀ by French CreoleĀ speakersĀ which blends blues, rhythm and bluesĀ and music indigenous to the Louisiana Creoles and the NativeĀ people of Louisiana.

I found theseĀ photosĀ inĀ my archives. They are from our visit to Lafayette and Avery Island, Louisiana.

The Bayou Boys
The Bayou Boys, warming up to play their Zydeco music.
spicy, delicious crawfish
Along with Cajun music one must eat spicy, delicious Cajun food!
The Tabasco Country Store
The Tabasco Country Store where you can buy hot sauce to fix that spicy Cajun food that goes so well with Zydeco music!

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