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~Why do people love to fly fish?


Why do people love to fly fish? I don’t know the answer to the question, but I understand it is a very popular sport.


While on a walk at Jordanelle State Park we came upon this young man fly fishing. He was totally focused on his task.


Being outside surrounded by mountains, standing alongside a stream or wading out into the middle of aĀ river, seems like a peaceful way to spend the day.

The rhythm in the motion of casting, the rhythm of the water as it flows downstream, and the rhythm of sounds, which might go unnoticed, must all add to the state of mind that brings joy to the sportsmen.

I have never tried to flyfish, but it looks intriguing.

Jordanelle Reservoir.
Jordanelle Reservoir looking down from an overlook.
Looking across the Jordanelle Reservoir at the campground.
Jordannelle Dam