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~All Gay’s Fault – Black & White Photo – “Afternoon Tea”

My friend Gay invited me to participate in a black and white photo challenge. Here are the rules she published:

1. On five consecutive days create a post using a recent or past photograph in black and white.
2. Invite a blogging friend each day to join the challenge.

Gay writes a beautiful blog. Click here, Good Times Rollin, to visit her blog and to see how she, hubby and their four-legged friends enjoy life.

I  wondered what black and white photo I could post to begin this challenge and it came to me yesterday while enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures – Afternoon Tea!

So today, as I enjoyed my afternoon tea, I took this photo.

Tea Time
Tea Time

I have long been an Iced Tea drinker and it is still my preferred drink. However, over the last several years, I have come to enjoy a nice cup of hot tea in the afternoon.

The little Tea Pot belonged to my Mother. She loved to wonder around antique stores and perhaps this is where she found this beautiful, little pot – not sure. It makes me think of her, so that is why it is special. I don’t remember where the little, country scene, tea cup came from, but I love using it to drink my tea.

I remember reading one of Dina’s blogs, The World According to Dina, at Toffeefee on how to brew and enjoy a perfect cup of hot tea.  Check out her post on Tea and Tradition!

Since reading Dina’s blog, I have been drinking my tea with a little cream and honey. Just last week, I discovered some great Colorado honey!

I don’t use the loose tea leaves as Dina does; instead I use the herbal tea bags. I like to have a different one each day.

If you haven’t enjoyed a hot cup of tea, especially on a cold day, give it a try! I hope you enjoyed my black and white photo.