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~Little foal, where are you?~

Little foal, where are you

I waited

To see you nuzzling your Mom for the first time

To place my hands on your silky body

To feel your little heart beating

To catch a glimpse of you running through the green grass

I waited

Little foal, where are you

Fat Mama
Fat Mama

We spent ten days at my brother’s house waiting for Fat Mama (Lena) to have her foal. Well, we left there Sunday mourning and guess what? This afternoon, around six o’clock, she had her baby, after 356 days! 

It’s a boy!!

I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to witness his birth! It would have been a first! Baby is doing find, found his milk after a few tries. Photos were captured using a cell photo and sent to me. Earlier today, before she had her baby, I wrote this poem and planed to post it tonight with pictures of Lena and now I get to include photos of her new baby boy.

Lena's Baby
It’s a colt!
It's a boy!
Look at Mom’s face. Adorable
First Nuzzle
First Nuzzle

These are a few photos of their other horses! Hot Rod and Big Red. There is also Lace, a one year old filly and I will  post photos of her and more of Big Red later. I bet I receive more photos of the new baby!

"This feels so good"
“This feels so good”
“I’am just an old cow horse”
Twenty-Seven year old Hot Rod
Twenty-Seven year old Hot Rod
Handsome  Big Red
Big Red

 How wondrous is  life?