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white silky strands

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milkweed pods with seeds

Milkweed Art
Milkweed Pods
Milkweed Pods
Bursting Milkweed Pod
Bursting Open
White Silky Strands
Milkweed Art
Milkwed Pods (close-up)
Milkweed Pods (close-up)


While on a walk yesterday, I saw these Milkweed plants growing along a stream. I thought they were beautiful. It was fun seeing the detail of the pods through the lens of the camera.

Milkweeds are an important nectar source for bees and other nectar-seeking insects, and a larval food source for monarch butterflies and their relatives, as well as a variety of other herbivorous insects (including numerous beetles, moths, and true bugs) specialized to feed on the plants despite their chemical defenses.

Milkweeds use three primary defenses to limit damage caused by caterpillar: hairs on the leaves, cardenolide toxins, and latex fluids. Data from a DNA study indicate more recently evolved milkweed species use less of these preventative strategies, but grow faster than older species, potentially regrowing faster than caterpillars can consume them. (taken from Wikipedia)