Searching, Singing, Sunning and Smiling…..

December 5, 2012

Everything seems to be bursting with color this morning in Jonathan Dickinson State Park following an overnight rain and a gorgeous sunrise.

After coffee we set off for a hike to enjoy the fresh morning air, the vibrant fall colors and to see how many critters we might find. We never know what we will see, which is part of the fun!

On our hike today we were treated to an Alligator enjoying the sunshine, a Robin singing away it seemed just for the pure joy of doing so and a Mockingbird searching for bugs.

An Alligator enjoying the sunshine
A male Robin singing away high up from his perch in a dead tree
A Mockingbird searching for bugs
A Mockingbird searching for bugs

Being able to experience nature’s beauty fills me with pure joy and keeps me Smiling!

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