Bad news-Good news-It’s all okay now…..

 December 10, 2012

Bad news…..

We were sitting outside enjoying the afternoon and I just happened to look over at the coach – watering was running out of the bays!! Lots of water. Before going outside to relax, I had put some shorts and tops in the washing machine.

We both ran inside and sure enough water was running out of the filter trap door on the front side of the washer/dryer. I just kept thinking, as I rushed to grab towels to soak up the water,   “Oh my-gosh what is wrong with the washer/dryer?” I kept seeing $$$$ flash in front of my eyes!

Good news…..

Howard just so happened to have cleaned the trap a few days prior to today and we finally realized, after the initial shock, that he might not have tighten the trap door tight enough after cleaning. Possibly another cause, just the vibration of the machine,  going through the wash cycle could have loosened the trap door – who knows!! And, I certainly don’t blame him!!

It’s all okay now…..

So after…..

  • a lot of wet towels hanging on a clothes line,
  • water being emptied out of the drum,
  • items from the bay lying on the camp-site picnic table,
  • bay doors opened to dry the bay area,
  • the dogs hopefully re-considering from their first impression when this episode started, that we just might be crazy,
  •  and of course tightening the filter trap door,
  • clothes being put back into the machine to spin and test with fingers crossed,
  • a glass of wine to finally relax

….. we can be thankful that the machine seems to work okay. Whew!!

A helpful hint:

If you have a washer/dryer in your RV always check the filter trap, first to clean it out and second to make sure the door is always tighten.

Just another fun day RV’ing!!!

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