Sandhill Cranes…..

December 8, 2012

“At last a glint of sun reveals the approach of a great echelon of birds.
On motionless wings they emerge from the lifting mists, sweep a final arc of sky, and settle in clamorous descending spirals to their feeding grounds. A new day has begun on the crane marsh.”–Aldo Leopold

Look what you might see while driving around Hobe Sound, Florida!

These Sandhill Cranes were wondering around a neighborhood we were driving through. The warm climate and abundant food supply must draw them to this area.

They did not show any concern when I got out of the car to take a few photos, which truthfully surprised me. Of course I did not approach them too closely.

If it looks like a duck - it might not be a duck!
If it looks like a duck – it might not be a duck!
"I wonder what's under here"
“I wonder what’s under here”
A pretty Sandhill Crane
A pretty Sandhill Crane

5 thoughts on “Sandhill Cranes…..”

  1. Hi! When we lived in Tucson, we had friends that would travel to New Mexico to see the migration of the Sandhill Cranes; after arriving in Florida, we’ve been able to see so many Sandhill’s!!! What a fascinating bird and the NOISE they make is so distinctive! Their wingspan in flight is pretty awesome, too!!! k

    1. Hi Karla, we can be sitting in the coach and hear them pass over; their chatter is unique. One year, when we first moved to Colorado, we drove to Monte Vista to see the Sandhill Cranes; there were hundreds of them and two Whooping Cranes. This was my very first sighting of Sandhill Cranes and spotting the two Whooping Cranes among all of the Sandhills was a real treat and also a first! I haven’t seen anymore Whooping Cranes since then. One year, on our drive south to visit family on vacation, we stopped at Bosque Del Apache and were treated to hundreds of Sandhill Cranes there.

    1. LuAnn,Yellowstone and the Tetons are two of my very favorite places! Living there must have been an awesome experience!

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