Poetry: ~Awoken with a Start~

By Sheila – February 23, 2013 Lake Seminole- Eastbank Campground

Awoken with a start,

Thunder fills the sky

Its force is imposing,

Rain pounding on the roof

Light flashes, invading the darkness,

Mossy Pines present a haunting sight

The thunder remains close,

The rain unrelenting

Lightening continues to display its power,

Sleep is just a comforting thought

3 thoughts on “Poetry: ~Awoken with a Start~”

    1. Hi LuAnn, yes it was a very bad storm. We arrived, in the rain, here at Eastbank Corp Park on Friday and it has rained everyday except Sunday. Today was a better day, cloudy and windy. We have not experienced this much rain in a very long time. I bet we got between 5 and 10 inches. The funny thing is the day after the storm woke us up, we were sitting in the coach and lightening struck so close to us – we saw the flash and heard the tremendous roar of the strike. The doggies, that never pay any attention to the thunder and lightening went crazy.

      1. It has certainly been a strange weather year. Last year we were in OK visiting family and experienced two earthquakes and flooding. Storms seem a bit scarier when you are in a MH, don’t they?

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