FP: ~My Spring Yard~

 Pretty Periwinkle
Pretty Periwinkle


My spring yard with its many colors,
The Purple and Golds are most vibrant,
Demanding to be noticed on THIS day,
Their appearance is simply glorious.

Pretty little Dandelion
Pretty little Dandelion
~ I Love Purple ~
~ I Love Purple ~


To my list of colors, I add two,

Whites and Pinks in a showy display.

Growing on this mountain,

Despite the struggle, they make their presence known.

When you look at this little Columbine,

First appearances can be deceiving.

As with all things, striking beauty and magic.

Appears deep in the details and from within.

Sweet Woodruff
Sweet Woodruff
A Small Columbine
Striking Beauty
~ See a Bug ~
The Bug just might be the Magic

3 thoughts on “FP: ~My Spring Yard~”

    1. Thanks for commenting on the yard! I have worked hard out there. It is not easy living on a mountain. LOL
      I am either going UP or DOWN! Getting too old for this!!

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