Sheila’s Bird Shots: ~ Northern Mockingbird ~

~ I'am sure you can't see me ~
~ I’am sure you can’t see me ~

     Growing up in the South the Northern Mockingbird was a common sight. As a kid I enjoyed its repertoire of notes and mimicking vocals. It is a beautiful songbird with a huge personality.

     The Mockingbird will defend a large territory, up to two acres, and often will chase just about anything that happens to cluelessly meander into its home base.  An area this large it must keep darn busy. 

     I have been dive-bombed many times. Birds, dogs and cats watch out it will peck you on the head, on the butt, and everywhere in between if you get anywhere near its nest.

     Sitting from a high perch the Mockingbird likes to sing when other birds are peacefully roosting. If you have ever laid awake at night with the window open and are lucky enough to live in the Northern Mockingbird’s range, you probably have been lulled to sleep by its pleasing, repetitive song.

     As an adult, I enjoy seeing and hearing this enchanting songbird. Its presence always brings back delightful memories for me of playing in the yard and climbing trees. 

     Don’t you wish we could climb trees again with nothing more to worry about than getting harassed by a Northern Mockingbird?

Northern Mockingbird had enough of me (taken in Jonathan Dickinson State Park)
Northern Mockingbird had enough of me (taken in Jonathan Dickinson State Park)

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