My Corner of the World…..


~ Loveland Sunrise  ~ Viewed from My Corner of the World
~ Loveland Sunrise ~
Viewed from My Corner of the World

     My hands are warmed by a streaming cup of coffee, my husband brewed for me, as I sit in my corner of the world.

     My body is warmed by the first, brilliant rays of the sun as I snuggle down and relax in my favorite deck chair. 

     My mind fills with beautiful thoughts, the sun rises higher in the sky and I enjoy my first cup of coffee. 

     I gaze toward the eastern horizon, across the tree tops, into the heart of the city where life is waiting to be experienced. This glorious day begins and offers its challenges and endless opportunities.

     I choose to spend my time and this day with all my being.

     It is later in the day now, as I sit here in my corner of the world. In my hands I hold a long-stemmed, crystal glass filled with a burgundy colored liquid that my husband poured for me. The conversation is good.

     The brilliance of the sun has dimmed and the sky is filled with rich warming colors as its’ last rays disappear over the mountains.

      I am happy and filled with love for this person who has placed these symbols of comfort, in my hands.

     This day, as everyday, began with promise and a blank slate for me and only me to fill. My mind is at peace and has been enriched for I have achieved my goal.

     As I sit here in my corner of the world.

©2011 by Sheila de Laneuville

Sunset from a Different Perspective
Sunset – a Different Perspective

8 thoughts on “My Corner of the World…..”

  1. Nature has a way of expanding the corners of the world so that everyone can share in them together. Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. Miss afc, you are welcome. 🙂 Thanks for sharing my corner with your wise words.

      If not – nature – then – electronics – LOL

    1. I am glad you liked this post! This piece was my first at writing; I woke up one morning and reached for a tablet and began jotting down what was running around in my head. I remember Howard saying ” What are you doing?” Hopefully, these types of thoughts will continue and give me inspiration to keep writing them down.

      I have missed you! I hope you will be blogging more soon.

      1. Sheila, I am not sure when I will return to blogging. This past week has been one of testing for my husband. He had a radical prostatectomy due to prostate cancer 5,.5 years ago and this past week we learned that the cancer has returned (does it ever leave?). We feel blessed that his tests all came back negative so no metastases. Next week we will head to Columbus to speak to an oncologist about treatment options and have been doing reading every waking moment it seems. It seems the past several years I have devoured many books relative to cancer and treatment options. I hope to be able to post about this at some point but Terry does not want to speak to his sons about this until he decides upon treatment. Given they both follow my blog I cannot write about this until then. I will be following along your blog and others as I can and live vicariously through all of you for the time being. Love your writing and photography Sheila. They put a smile on my face, which is much needed right now.

  2. LuAnn, it was deeply upsetting to read your post. I am so very sorry. Ya’ll need to focus on the fact that his tests show negative to metastases. There are so many positive treatments for cancer these days. I hope he finds the best treatment option. Our prayers and thoughts are with you both. I am happy that, from a long way off, I can bring a smile to your day. One day you will be able to write about this experience, share it with others and hopefully making a difference in their life.

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