SBS:~Western Kingbird~

Sheila’s Bird Shots: ~ Western Kingbird ~

Western Kingbird
Western Kingbird

On Saturday we took a ride to check on our motorhome, which is stored about seven miles from our home. While there I noticed several Western Kingbirds perched in Cottonwood trees that run along a fence line separating the storage facility from an open grassland.

I wanted to try to capture an image of these Flycatchers. I got my camera and slowly approached the fence so as not to scare them. I stopped not too far away and just stood there hoping they would get use to seeing me. 

After a few minutes, one of the Western Kingbirds flew high into the air and came gliding down toward me. This fearless, striking gray and yellow bird then continued to fly in circles around me as it gave me a scolding.  Loud, buzzing, vocals combined with graceful, acrobatics. How fun.

A few seconds of this behavior and it flew back to its perch. I stood there for a couple more minutes, thoroughly scolded, but not deterred. The Kingbird must have decided I was not a threat, because I was ignored after that.

I was able to observe, their gymnastic flying and hunting abilities as they snatched bugs out of the air. There was plenty of “fussing” between the Kingbirds, I guess reminding each other which Cottonwood tree was theirs.

These photos are my first images of Western Kingbirds. Wish I could have gotten closer.

Got Ya!
Got Ya!
Western Kingbird - after a bug.
Western Kingbird – after a bug.
Western Kingbird
Western Kingbird
Western Kingbird - its too hot!
Western Kingbird – its too hot!

5 thoughts on “SBS:~Western Kingbird~”

  1. They were talking about you being in their space. The plot thickens, tune in next time to see how it ends.

    1. Hi LuAnn, so nice to hear from you. Hope things are going well. Yes, I could tell the Kingbird wasn’t going to cause any harm, just curious I guess. But a scolding I did get!

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