With love and commitment we enter into thirty-ninth year…..

Banyan Tree
Strong Roots

Miracle of life

Children are born and like roots of strong trees our foundations are formed

We live our young lives with love of family teaching us right from wrong

Success is release

A treasured gift given with love to choose our path


and Support

Miracle of life

Finding a partner to share your life, how lucky am I to have found mine

Success is balance

His reserve and quite to my emotional and talkative side

His pause to leap, to my hang-on lets go

Fondness of nature
My Love

Miracle of life

Our partnership of respect, love, devotion and individualism

Success is commonality

A sense of adventure and a joy for simplicity

A fondness for finding beauty in nature and a wonder of the universe

Our path together continues
With adventure and simplicity our path continues




Miracle of life

Celebrating this day

Success is commitment

On our special day years ago we took our vows to share our lives

With love and commitment we enter into our thirty-ninth year

Entering of 39th year of marriage
Entering of 39th year of marriage with love and commitment

7 thoughts on “With love and commitment we enter into thirty-ninth year…..”

  1. We are so happy to know such a wonderful couple (who happen to also share our special day with us). Congratulations on Your Marriage & Partnership through Life’s Journeys! Big Hugs, Karla and Larry 8/9/1990

    1. Happy Anniversary Karla and Larry! Our friendship with ya’ll is truly treasured. We look forward to many wonderful, shared experiences! Enjoy your day. Enjoy this coming year. Hopefully, we can travel some together next summer/fall and enjpy the Pacific Northwest!! Love and hugs to both of you.

  2. Beautiful…. as I always picture you both… congratulations (a little late) on your celebration. I rejoice with you and wish you a lifetime of happiness.

  3. Happy anniversary to the two of you. This was a beautiful post Sheila and it also aptly describes the difference in personality between Terry and me. I knew there was a reason I felt a connection to you. 🙂

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