5 thoughts on “FP:~From my yard this week~”

    1. Hi LuAnn, hope you enjoyed your birthday! Blackberries, you are right – yum! I truly love all berries! We have one crab apple tree and that is it for fruit trees. Every now and then a black bear will some along to enjoy the apples.

    1. Good Morning Dina! Thank you for your warm comment and for stopping by my blog. It is always fun to meet new people! Hope you will visit often. It is especially fun to meet people with the same interests. Birding, is a wonderful hobby and I have enjoyed it for many years. My life list is 352! I will visit your blog!

    2. Dina, I forgot to mention Mia! What a talented lady; her images are amazing! I found her blog via Katie’s Birds and Birding is Fun! You have probably seen them!

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