FP:~Wildflowers in Rocky Mountain National Park~

The morning started out cool and beautiful with white puffy clouds floating like mysterious shapes in the azure sky. The stillness and quiet enhancing the allure to get out. So I got out and drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park to take a few photos. I spotted these wildflowers, growing among the trees, just off a trail.

Purple & Pink Wildflower
Purple & Pink Wildflower

seed, rain and light

entice many colors, so bright

purple, pink delight

White Wildflower
White Wildflower

wildflower in white

beauty growing in the sun

leaves a happy thought

Yellow & Orange Wildflower
Yellow & Orange Wildflower

yellow and orange

smiling swaying with the breeze

its sunny side up

Aspen Tree
Aspen Tree

nature leaves its mark

patterns display happenings

scared old aspen tree

White Yarrow
White Yarrow
Black & White
Black & White

I tried to find the names of these wildflowers, but didn’t have any luck. If you know what they are, please let me know.

Additional photos from Rocky to share tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “FP:~Wildflowers in Rocky Mountain National Park~”

    1. Hi Cheryl, great to hear from you. Your comments mean a lot to me, thanks!

      Yes, I am enjoying my summer. Howard, my hubby, is contracting back to the firm he retired from this summer. This is his fifth summer to do so; however it is his last! With him working it leaves me to do whatever I want – grins!!

      Next summer we are planning a trip to Washington, Oregon and Glaser so it will be fun.

      I sure hope you are enjoying your travels; I kept checking your blog to see where you might be. Have fun, stay safe and let us hear from you more!

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