SBS: ~ Red-tailed Hawk ~

Sheila’s Bird Shots: ~ Red-tailed Hawk ~

Red-tailed Hawk (rufous morph)
Red-tailed Hawk (rufous morph)

soar, soaring higher

show us your magnificence

sky graced beauty

A morning visitor…..

This morning I heard a loud unique call. I knew right away what was making this mournful cry. The sound of a predator. My bird book describes it as “a harsh, descending keeeeer.” 


This adult Red-tailed Hawk circled over my hill for several minutes (long enough for me to run get my camera)  The entire time while circling, it continued to “cry” out. 


Usually they are silent when hunting, so I wonder what was making this Hawk call out?

Magnificent red tail!
Magnificent red tail!

circling, hunting

your grandeur is observed

existence your purpose

Red-tailed Hawk (western rufous morph)
Red-tailed Hawk (western rufous morph)

6 thoughts on “SBS: ~ Red-tailed Hawk ~”

  1. Found this
    Why do hawks frequent an area and cry a lot – The Q&A wiki › … › Animal Life › Birds › Birds of Prey › Hawks
    When hawks circle they are hunting or all ready found food. The cry is a warning to other smaller birds to stay away. It is a territorial response..The owner of the …

    1. Well Jeez, that was just too darn smart. LOL

      I just hope that was what was going on. I did observe the other birds in my yard taking, fast and well hidden cover!

      Thanks for your info look up and reply! Hope you are doing great!

  2. Hi Gay, you are welcome! I love birding so it is wonderful went someone enjoys the bird photos I post and/or recognizes the birds they have seen when viewing them. Thanks! Hope you are staying cool!

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