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SBS: ~ Red-tailed Hawk ~

Sheila’s Bird Shots: ~ Red-tailed Hawk ~

Red-tailed Hawk (rufous morph)
Red-tailed Hawk (rufous morph)

soar, soaring higher

show us your magnificence

sky graced beauty

A morning visitor…..

This morning I heard a loud unique call. I knew right away what was making this mournful cry. The sound of a predator. My bird book describes it as “a harsh, descending keeeeer.” 


This adult Red-tailed Hawk circled over my hill for several minutes (long enough for me to run get my camera)  The entire time while circling, it continued to “cry” out. 


Usually they are silent when hunting, so I wonder what was making this Hawk call out?

Magnificent red tail!
Magnificent red tail!

circling, hunting

your grandeur is observed

existence your purpose

Red-tailed Hawk (western rufous morph)
Red-tailed Hawk (western rufous morph)

SBS:~ Swainson’s Hawk ~

Sheila’s Bird Shots ~ Swainson’s Hawk ~

On August 3, 2013, I spotted this beautiful Swainson’s Hawk, sitting high on a utility pole, scouting for lunch near a Prairie Dog community.

A little later it flew to a different pole. I could tell from the poop these must be favorite spots to scout for prey.

(Light and location wasn’t the best, but you take the shot and see what you get.)

Swainson's Hawk (light morph)
Swainson’s Hawk (light morph)
Swainson's Hawk (light morph) ~Looking Left~
Swainson’s Hawk (light morph)
~Looking Left~
Swainson's Hawk (light morph) ~Looking right~
Swainson’s Hawk (light morph)
~Looking right~
Swainson's Hawk in Black and White
Swainson’s Hawk in Black and White
~Sepia~  Swainson's Hawk
~Sepia~ Swainson’s Hawk