Poetry:~Air is Still~

Shapeless Clouds
Shapeless Clouds


air feels heavy, still

sounds are muted, no movement

energy ebbing

shapeless clouds, hanging in place

laziness invites a nap


                              By Sheila: August 27, 2013

Photo taken: February, 2013 in Lake Louisa State Park

The beginning of the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

I will post the sequence one day.

2 thoughts on “Poetry:~Air is Still~”

  1. Don’t you just love to lay in the grass on a cool day and watch the clouds? I spent countless hours as a youngster doing just that. I would find pictures in the sky. It was such an important part of me. That as a kindergarten teacher (for 34 years) I took my class out and did it with them…kids just don’t do that sort of thing these days!

    Can’t wait to see the sunset you captured after those beautiful clouds……

    1. Yes, I love to do just that. I did it as a kid and still do! I remember laying on top of an empty barrel in our yard watching the sky, during the day and at night. Maybe that is why I love astronomy so much.

      I can tell hubby ” look at that cloud it looks like x, y, z” and he always responds with “what” I don’t see anything!

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