Poetry: ~Now is September~

Fallen Leaves
Fallen Leaves


now is september

cool mornings and falling leaves

summer memories

pace slows down to welcome ease 

fun turns to serious things


Headed Down Stream
Headed Down Stream


less daylight hours

bringing autumn fantasies

nighttime pleasures wait 


By Sheila: September 1, 2013

Always Wishing for Clear and Dark Skies

8 thoughts on “Poetry: ~Now is September~”

    1. Hi Gay! The summer has flown by it seems. Hope you are still having fun in Moab. Howard and I hope to get back there one day, maybe next fall! Enjoy September!

    1. I am welcoming September with open arms! We had a great summer weather wise, but these last couple of weeks have just been too hot. At least the mornings are cool. Love your play on words.

  1. Sheila, I love September and the beginning of autumn. It’s different and it arrives later here in Tucson but it does come and we can find Autumn color in the mountains! Nice poems.

    1. Yes, the Catalina Mountains can be gorgeous. We were there one year and got to spent over a month in CSP in November. (They were not getting filling up yet) Thanks again for your sweet words! Happy Birding!

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