OTW:~Red Admiral Butterfly~

OTW:~Red Admiral Butterfly~

Red Admiral (1)
Red Admiral

It was most enjoyable capturing these images, of this Red Admiral Butterfly, early this morning.  I had a narrow, clear window between the foliage to take the photos.


Red Admiral (4)
Red Admiral
Red Admiral (3)
Red Admiral
Red Admiral (5)
Red Admiral

I was slowly climbing over rocks trying to get closer; I didn’t want to disturb it too much.

Red Admiral (2)
Red Admiral

6 thoughts on “OTW:~Red Admiral Butterfly~”

    1. Hi Katie, I hope you are out sighting some beautiful birds this morning! Thank you for your sweet comments. There are so many beautiful critters!

    1. Good Morning Gay, thank you so much. I shoot underexposed, so sometimes I will have to adjust the exposure and/or white balance. I don’t use saturation or the other color adjustments unless I want to be artsy! I went to this park to try for a Dragonfly, but could not get close enough, but did capture a few other critters. I almost stepped on a snake!

      Hope you are enjoying Durango!

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