SBS: ~American Coot~

American Coot (4)
American Coot ~they are Beautiful~


Sheila’s Bird Shots: ~American Coot~

In early spring, of this year, we were returning home from our winter trip and we stopped at Balmorhea State Park for a couple of days. This state park is located in Balmorhea, Texas.

This little pond, in the state park, provided the perfect feeding area for these American Coots. The sun was setting, turning the pond’s surface to a beautiful “fire” color.


American Coot (3)
Swimming among the Reeds
American Coot (5)
Fiery Surface
American Coot (1)
Taking a Bite
American Coot (2)
American Coot
American Coot (6)
Beautiful Sunset Colors on the Pond

Click on the image for a clearer image.

6 thoughts on “SBS: ~American Coot~”

    1. Hi LuAnn! Yes, they are a lot of fun to watch. I will have to try and capture one taking off! Still looking for the flying geese. Howard, told me the other evening, after dark “I hear the Geese flying over!”. Yep, when it is too dark to take a photo! Where were they going in the dark?

  1. The first time I saw a Coot I was full-timing, and I was amazed. Black with a white beak and red eyes. They are so different looking, and so pretty! (I mis-typed “saw” in the first sentence, and typed “was.” Glad I caught that one!) 🙂

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks for stopping by and chatting! It’s okay – here – to make typing mistakes! I do it all the time and with these auto-correct programs it gets down right comical! Yes, the Coots are pretty! A lot of people just ignore them, but I like to try and capture them in their natural environment. Most of the time it is difficult, because of the contrast between their dark body and the white bill. And, I love their red eyes. Too funny “the first time I was a Coot” – some people might say that about me! 🙂

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