Poetry: ~A Spider’s Web~

A Spider"s Web
A Spider”s Web

droplets of water 

graces a spider’s web

forming illusions of reflection

tell me, what you see


when you gaze into these drops

dreaming from the heart

are they borrowed or yours

tell me, sincerely


 when the glow softens, at the end of this day

and twilight dims the light

reflections turn inward

tell me, what transpires


droplets of water 

gracing a spider’s web

now forming reflections of reality

tell me, what you believe


reflections, of the heart

must always find their way

becoming reflections in the mind

so they can emerge again, tell me

By Sheila: September 7, 2013


I captured this spider’s web on September 5, 2013, as I walked around a nature park in the Big Thompson Canyon. The spider build it’s web up against a big boulder and was almost hidden among some foliage. I took the shot looking straight down.

4 thoughts on “Poetry: ~A Spider’s Web~”

  1. Hi Gay, I have a Canon macro lens, but I have not used it a lot. I used my Tamron 18 to 270mm lens to capture this image. As you can tell, I love taking close-up shots.

    Thank you for always commenting with your kind words.

    I read a comment you posted on – Oh the places they go – stating your were heading to Georgia. Is that where you are from. Howard and I are from Louisiana. Safe travels, always!

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