Poetry~Rainy Days~

New Mexico Dessert Sunflower Flower
New Mexico Dessert Sunflower Flower

Dreary, rainy days,

softly as drops fall,

 perspective speaks.

Look inward, heart tells all, 

depending what you seek,

rainy days may be cheery.


It has been raining here in northern Colorado for the last four days. The rain, from my perspective, has been most welcome, because it has been dry for several weeks.

However, I have learned, as I am getting ready to post, that our heavy rains are causing flooding in parts of the Big Thompson Canyon and mandatory evaluations are being ordered. Flooding has also been reported in Loveland and in surrounding areas.

For friends that read by blog and camped this spring at Riverview Campground; it was evaluated this morning at 8:00am. This campground sits right next to the Big Thompson River.

Here is a link to the story written in the Reporter Herald, Loveland’s newspaper.


I guess I need to pay more attention to the news!

7 thoughts on “Poetry~Rainy Days~”

    1. Hi Barb, hope you are having a wonderful day. Thanks for your kind words! Our home sits on a hill, west of the city of Loveland. So we are very safe from flooding. We are about four miles or so from the entrance to the Big Thompson Canyon as you travel west to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

  1. I just saw on the news that Boulder and Lyons are evacuating. Also heard that a lot of folks are ignoring the warnings.

    Even the Animas River has doubled in size and the clear water that was flowing in it when we arrived last week is now muddy and raging!

    Stay safe….

    1. WoW. Yes, when these mountains get that much rain in a short period of time it can cause severe flooding problems. Estes Park had to release water out of its lake and it flows down stream causing the Big Thompson River to rise, which was already high.

      People should not ignore the warnings! Growing up and living most of our lives in the New Orleans area – we pay attention to the warnings and evaluation notices!

      Gay, you stay safe and keep an eye on the Animas River!

    1. Hi Ingrid,
      Sorry to hear about the trail damage, glad that the rains are letting up in your area. We will have rain through Saturday. It sure is incredible that we are having this much rain. This from a state that only receives 12 inches a year of precipitation.

      Another little Wildflower, theyt are just so much fun to photograph! Glad you like them as much as I do. Thanks!

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