OTW: ~Finally a Dragonfly…. or not~

All summer, I have been searching for a Dragonfly to photograph. Last Sunday I spotted this little guy, feeding on an Apple tree, in my yard.

Damselfly (Lestidae Speedwing)
Damselfly (Lestidae Speedwing)

However, not a Dragonfly, instead a Damselfly!

Damselfly (Lestidae Speedwing)
Damselfly (Lestidae Speedwing)

Based on photos, I have researched on the Web, I think it is a Lestidae  Speedwing Damselfly.

Damselflies (Lestidae Speedwing)
Damselflies (Lestidae Speedwing)

You ask!

What’s the difference between Dragonfly and Damselfly?

– Both dragonflies and damselflies evolved before 300 million years, and are living fossils and have carnivorous food habits.


– Dragonflies are slightly larger, and have abdomens that are sturdy and short. But, damselflies are little smaller, and the abdomens are long and slender.


– Dragonflies keep their wings directed downwards or horizontally positioned, whereas damselflies keep them closed and upwards.


– Additionally, the two pairs of wings in dragonflies are dissimilar, while those of damselflies are similar.


– Eyes are closely located in dragonfly, while those are apart from each other in damselflies.

Damselfly (Lestidae Speedwing)
Damselfly (Lestidae Speedwing)

Read more: http://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-dragonfly-and-vs-damselfly/#ixzz2edYjZaIx

I took these photos on September 8, 2013. Click on an image for greater clarity.

7 thoughts on “OTW: ~Finally a Dragonfly…. or not~”

  1. Good morning Sheila…I had no idea. I need to take a closer look at what I thought was a dragonfly I posted when we were in Moab! Which ever…I think they are just magnificent. Your photos sure get the day started off right!

  2. Barb and Gay, these Dragonflies and/or Damselflies are beautiful! I didn’t realize just how many species of each there are! We can start counting Dragonflies and Damselflies, just like birds! Why not add Butterflies to the list!

    Thanks to each of you for you kind words!

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