5 thoughts on “Poetry: ~Hardy Little Flower~”

  1. You write beautifully. You said that it was perhaps your interest in photography that made you want to write, and I believe this to be true. We write when we are inspired, and if photography inspires you, you will feel like writing. Whatever inspires you and moves your heart can lead to beautiful words on paper or screen. Incidentally, I write most of my stuff on the computer, although I will sometimes scribble something on a piece of paper if I’m half-asleep.

    1. Cubby, your words went straight to my heart and I thank you. Also, thank you for sharing, I guess not how you write, but how you “think” to write and/or how you are inspired to write. I admire your writing and enjoy every post. I notice when I am sitting outside and thoughts pop into my head, I run inside to get a piece of paper or the iPad (so new to me)!

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