10 thoughts on “Poetry: ~Full Moon~”

    1. Thank you binzy! Nice of you to stop by, please come again. The Moon outside my window tonight is a beauty, full, orange and in full view. Tried for a shot, but went out too late.

    1. Hubby and I went out to the ocean on the evening of January 9, 2012, to watch the full moon rise over the ocean! We were staying in Hobe Sound, Florida at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Glad you liked the photo and the haiku!

    1. Gay, thank you. It is great fun watching the moon rise, especially over the ocean. They are pretty spectacular here in Colorado. It is always challenging, to get a good shot. Enjoy some great food for me, while in NM.

    1. LuAnn, thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed this beautiful Autumnal Equinox! It won’t be long now until we start loading up the Coach; we have a lot of fun work ahead of us.

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