~Winter swooped in, overnight~

Winter swooped in, overnight,

our world, covered in snow. 

Indeed, an alluring sight,

sunlit flowers all aglow.

Snow melting on Marigold (taken with 18-55mm Canon lens)
Snow melting on Marigold (taken with 18-55mm Canon lens)
Snow melting on Marigold
Snow melting on Marigold (taken with Canon 18-55mm lens mounted on Canon 70D)
Snow melting on Marigold (taken with 1Canon Macro lens) 60mm)
Snow melting on Marigold (taken with Canon Macro lens) 60mm mounted on Canon 70D)

16 thoughts on “~Winter swooped in, overnight~”

    1. Hi Barb, the weather forecasters were predicting snow; however, I kept looking around thinking – no way. We woke up this morning, early, and when I looked out, it looked like a winter wonderland. Just enough snow to blanket everything. I had to bring one of my “girls” to the groomer for 8:00am! By the time I could get outside to take a few photos it was beginning to melt fast. The flowers are pretty darn hardy; I can’t believe the buds most of them have. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Cubby, thank you so much! I am learning, you will always get inspiration, if one just takes the time to look around.

      When I went out to take a few photos, (I wanted to try out a few different lenses), I slipped and fell, but thankfully landed in the bark! Silly me, still wearing summer type shoes with smooth soles!

      I wish you a happy weekend! 🙂

    1. Hi Gay! Thank you always for your sweet words. They are appreciated!

      On Monday we dropped the coach off at TransWest to have the transmission fluid and filters changed. This afternoon we went to pick her up and drove her back to the storage facility. We are thinking, Wednesday we will park her at a local RV park and begin the clean-up and loading.

      Are you still in Georgia?

    1. Hi Ruth! Thank you!
      How are you doing? I had a visitor from your site post a comment on my blog!! Have a joyful weekend, taking lots of beautiful photos!

  1. That’s a nice macro shot of the snow melting on the Marigolds along with a very nice poem. The 70 d is a good camera.

    1. Hi! Thank you very much. I just received the Canon 70D and wanted to use it on my Tamron lens, but this lens will not work correctly. Photos are out of focus. I called Tamron yesterday and they wanted me to send in my lens and camera. Will have to think about that! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. You shoot macros in manual focus or auto focus? When I’m feeling it, I get very involved in macro shots, a couple of months ago, I went on a macro floral binge 1:1 and 1:2 🙂 I would only send the lens to Tamron, hope it works out.

    1. Hi! I shot them in AF. Like everything else, in my yard, on my hill, this flower bed is on a slant. I was, as it was, almost on my belly trying to capture the best shot. HeeHee! I thank you for your suggestion re: the lens. Enjoy your week!

    1. Hey LuAnn! Yes, it is time to hit the road. We are hoping Saturday the 26th. It is getting too cold here and I miss my outside time!! I hope you are enjoying your travels! I need to pay your site a visit and see what you guys are up to. Take care, enjoy the journey and safe travels! Hugs! Always truly enjoy your visits!

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