~A Pod of…..

Cotton (made in the USA)
(made in the USA)

On Friday, as we drove the 241 miles from Dalhart, Texas to Quanah Texas, we enjoyed the view outside our window – acres and acres of cotton fields.

For me it was wonderful to see these fields, knowing that American farmers are still planting, growing, nurturing and supplying this raw material. Thank you cotton farmers!

As we passed farm after farm with their cotton picking machinery, I wish I could have gotten a photo of one of the huge cotton picking machines.

I remember my mother telling me how she helped her family pick cotton when she was just a little girl.

Once we arrived at Copper Breaks State Park, located eleven miles outside the town of Quanah, and after setting up camp, we decided to take a ride.

As we passed a cotton farm, I just had to stop and take some pictures. I was amazed to see this plant up close with its bursting cotton “pods” and array of colors.

American's Fields of Cotton
Fields of Cotton
Cotton, feels so good against the skin!
Bursting pods of cotton and beautiful colors as the cotton plant presents itself.
Shimmering in the sun
Shimmering in the sun

All photos: ©Sheila de Laneuville

Thank you Barbara, Janell and Marshall for playing along!

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