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~Spring birding in Texas-


~South Llano River State Park, Junction, TX, Spring, 2017


A few more bird photos from our stay at South Llano River State Park; I think I am getting close to publishing all of them.

Lincoln’s Sparrow



Brown-headed Cowbird


Vermilion Flycatcher


Yellow Warbler
Yellow Warbler

I only saw this Yellow Warbler once; flew in to get a drink of water and flew away. Might have been nesting.


House Sparrow


House Finch

This male House Finch is starting to show his breeding colors.


Black-throated Sparrow
Black-throated Sparrow


Black-chinned Hummingbird


Northern Cardinal pair


House Finch
House Finch


Summer Tanager (female)


Yellow-rumped Warbler and a very wet Black-crested Titmouse


“Has anyone seen my mate? She is a pretty yellow girl.”

Summer Tanager (male)


Carolina Chickadee

This Carolina Chickadee just didn’t want his photo taken.


Happy Birding!

~Birding in Texas, White-winged Dove

~South Llano River State River, Junction, TX, Spring, 2017


White-winged Dove (adult) Note the dark cheek patch and blue around the eye

These beautiful doves are easy to photograph, they are slow moving and like to perch for extended periods of time. They were plentiful in South Llano River State park this past Spring. The males were beginning to show subtle breeding colors, brighter red feet and legs, and yellowish hues around the back of neck. We only get to see them while traveling south. They have a limited range in the US, mostly Texas.








White-winged Dove

I was sitting in one of the blinds when a Texas farmer came in and sat down. He was very friendly and a good photographer. He commented on the large number of White-winged Doves we were seeing. He stated him and his wife have too many doves around their farm. I could tell by the way he spoke, they didn’t seem to care for these doves. I’am not sure if they caused them problems or they just didn’t like them. Maybe they ate too much bird seed!




This from Wikipedia- “The white-winged dove is a dove whose native range extends from the south-western United States through Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. In recent years with increasing urbanization and backyard feeding, it has expanded throughout Texas, into Oklahoma, Louisiana and coastal Mississippi. It has also been introduced to Florida.”

Happy Birding!



~Birding in Texas, Black-crested Titmouse

First day of Fall! Yay!


~Birding in Texas, South Llano River State Park, Spring, 2017


Black-crested Titmouse
Black-crested Titmouse

It was nice this Titmouse had a sunflower seed in its mouth and was intend on eating. They are always flitting around, never still.


Upside down.


It takes a contortionist to eat a little seed.


Sweet face. Big, pretty eyes!


Located in western Texas, they prefer oak woods and feed on insects and seeds. My first sighting of this bird was back on 11/20/2008, at South Llano River State Park.


Happy Birding!



~Birding in Texas, Goldfinch

~ South Llano River State Park, Spring, 2017

Goldfinch – Lessor

Back to South Llano River State Park for some additional photos. There were several goldfinches around the park; most of them enjoying the feeders set around the blinds. They were beginning to show their breeding colors.


Goldfinch – Lessor

I can’t say why I like this photo, but I do. This little lessor goldfinch seems to be hiding under a leaf. Look close and you can see his eye. Note the dark color of the legs and the short tail.


Goldfinch – American or Lessor?


American Gold Finch


Goldfinch – American

Note the pail color of the bill and legs.


Goldfinches – American

Note the longer tail.




“Is my head getting dark?”

~Happy Birding~


~Birding in Texas, Lark Sparrow

South Llano River State Park, Junction, TX, April, 2017


I need to get busy and publish more bird photos from our trip back in March/April. I am going to run out of time, to publish these early spring photos, before we travel through Texas again. I will then have fall photos to publish. What a fun situation for me to be in! {Grins}

Below are a few photos of a pretty sparrow with a long neck and tail that has distinctive markings on its face. I don’t get to see Lark Sparrows in Colorado, so it is always a pleasure to see them when we are traveling.

I first observed the Lark Sparrow on January 9, 2007 in Catalina State Park, Oro Valley, AZ. In case you might not know where Oro Valley is, it is near Tucson.


~Photo below is an adult Lark Sparrow with its pretty patterned face.

Lark Sparrow


I believe this one enjoying a bath is a younger bird, because of the light tan colored markings on its face. As they age the tan color turns white.  Note the difference in the coloring on the face between the photo above and these below. Perhaps the difference is, because it is wet!

They sure do love a bath.
Note the dark spot on the breast.

Sparrows can be beautiful!

Happy Birding!

And, always try to take a few minutes everyday to enjoy nature.


~Birding in Texas, Lazuli Bunting

~South Llano River State Park, Junction, TX, April, 2017


Lazuli Bunting
Lazuli Bunting (male)

Lazuli’s must have been migrating north when we were visiting South Llano River State Park. A female was spotted, by park staff, on April 6th. I saw the male on April 17th.

From my observation experience, the shy Lazuli Bunting always wary about being out in the open, lets other birds intimidate them easily. Why so shy, wary and nonassertive?

With the Lazuli being so wary it takes a lot of patience to get a quality photo of one. This male would fly into the blind from surrounding trees, would sit in an area with lots of scrubs and wait.  When it felt safe, I guess, it would then fly down and eat some seeds. It seems that, more so than other birds, it is always alert and ready to fly away. I didn’t see one enjoying a bath.

We see them here in Colorado during the spring and summer. This morning, sitting outside enjoying coffee, a male flew to one of the feeders looking for sunflower seeds.

It is always a pleasure to see these colorful birds.

Happy Birding!

~Birding in Texas, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher


~Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

I would see this lone Scissor-tailed sitting on a wire fence along the main entry road into South Llano River State Park. It had claimed this section of fence line and was hunting bugs.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
~Scissor-tailed Flycatcher~

I decided the best way for me to capture a few photos of this gorgeous flycatcher was to try and take the shots from my car.

When taking photos from the car, I roll the window about 2/3 down and place a swimmer’s noodle, that I have cut to size, over the glass.  It stays in the car for just this purpose. The lens fits nicely on top of the noodle.

I tried to take a few photos outside the car, but he/she would just fly down the fence line out of camera range. {sigh}

~Pink underwing coverts~

The photo below shows the long tail and pink patch on the shoulder.

~Beautiful long scissor-tail~

After a few days I noticed one other Scissor-tail hunting in the area; hopefully it was the mate.

~They like to sit with their tails cocked to the side~

I can’t even guess how many Scissor-tailed Flycatchers we saw during the few weeks we were traveling in Texas. It was nice to see so many!

My challenge and goal is to capture a good photo of one in flight.

Happy Birding!