~A Tangled Web She Weaves~


A tangled web she weaves,

Inviting those she receives,

Doesn’t take long to grieve,

You see, no one gets to leave.


A Tangled Web she Weaves
A Tangled Web she Weaves
A Side View
A Side View
A Beautiful Spider
A Beautiful Spider
Looks like a youger one
Looks like a youger one

We saw these beauties as we were hiking along a trail in Ray Roberts Lake State Park.

All photos: SkyeRiver Photography ©Sheila de Laneuville

Enjoy the Journey!

11 thoughts on “~A Tangled Web She Weaves~”

    1. Isn’t nature wonderful. It is a very pretty weave and the spider is big, scary and pretty. I wouldn’t want it to touch me, but I like looking at it!

  1. Oh Sheila….I do think spiders and webs are fascinating! Your pictures and poem are great! It’s so wonderful to enjoy our time looking for the ” little ” things.

    1. Hi Gay! How are you? Yes, it is the little things that are so enjoyable, isn’t it? I was just walking along and saw this spider web off he trail. I have never seen such a huge spider! It is amazing the web it creates!
      Wishing you joyful days! Hopefully, one day we will cross paths!

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