~Forest Wonders~

Heart of Hearts
Heart of Hearts


Open  your eyes and you will see,

Amazing sites all for free.


Mother nature provides a show,

A bounty of wonders that slowly grow.


Show your respect,

She is fragile, in many aspects.


Marvel at her beauty and works of art,

Celebrate her creations with love in your heart.


I took these photos, this week, in Ray Roberts Lake State Park. 

All photos: SkyeRiver Photography ©Sheila de Laneuville

Enjoy the Journey!

11 thoughts on “~Forest Wonders~”

    1. Barb, if you ever get down to Texas you need to visit their state parks. This park Ray Roberts Lake State Park is beautiful. You would love it, with over 300 species of plants and trees!

  1. Nice collage. I’m always envious of dragon fly shots I can never seem to catch one sitting in place. Giant mushrooms run a close 2nd, we don’t have that here.

    1. Aloha, from beautiful Texas!
      Mahalo! These mushrooms are pretty dull, a few are very colorful; hope to find one. 😉
      Dragonflies and Damselflies are tough to capture. A hint, try on a cloudy and cooler day! They are a challenge and that is the fun! Hoping you have a wonderful day.

    1. Hi Gay, I don’t know why, but I love taking photos of berries. I have a post ready for tomorrow on Purple Berries!
      There are several Dragonflies/Damselflies here, along with a few Butterflies that I got a few photos of. I would venture to say that is one way the Dragonflies survive – camouflage.

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