~Whispers, Follow Me~

soft morning sunlight

creating a path unknown

whispers follow me

Follow Me
Follow Me
Loxahatchee River
Loxahatchee River
Take Off
Take Off
In Flight
Follow Me
Takes A Dip
Takes A Dip
Sandhill Crane
“Follow Me”
"Race Ya"
“Okay, I’am following; where are we going?”
Doing the Two-Step
Beautiful Sandhill Crane

After many days of cloudy skies and heavy rains we finally have had a few days of sunshine. On an early morning walk, in Jonathan Dickinson State Park, we spotted these Sandhill Cranes and an Osprey fishing for its breakfast. The early morning light created a nice image on the Loxahatchee River.

I first spotted the Osprey standing at the edge of the river. I could not see if it had anything in its talons. I tried to get as close as I could without scaring it, but without a longer lens it was not close enough to capture a  great photo. It watched me creeping closer and decided to take off. It flew across the river and twice dove down to the surface.  I would love to know if it had food in its talons. Why was it driving down to skim the water’s surface? It did not appear as if it was diving for food, but instead dipping its talons in the water as if to keep something wet.

These two Sandhill Cranes were walking around in the grass, feeding. We spotted them just as we got out of the car, driving from our RV site to the Loxahatchee River in the back of the park. I needed to walk around them to have the sun behind me. They keep an eye on me as I walked around them and tried to get closer to take my shots. They really seemed to just ignore me, but I knew they were watching me! They are beautiful birds and I love watching them.

Hoping for continued sunshine!

Follow Your Dreams
Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams and Enjoy the Journey

11 thoughts on “~Whispers, Follow Me~”

  1. Oh yes, the Sandhills cranes are beautiful. What a wonderful way to start the day Sheila. I miss the water birds! Will just have to enjoy yours!

    I hope you have many more sunny days!

  2. I feel meditative from having read your post . . . . Whispers follow me . . . calmness, serenity. I just finished a wonderful book, “The Samurai’s Garden,” by Gail Tsukiyama (1997). Like this post, the whole novel made me feel meditative.

    1. Hi Mary Pat

      Thank you! I am glad you commented and that my post made you feel “calm”. That is a lovely comment.

      I have been reading your blog re: Cajun Country and have enjoyed it very much.

      My husband and I both were born and raised in Louisiana and moved from there to Colorado in 1986. We LOVE Cajun music and the food!!! Miss it very much. My husband’s family settled in Cajun country from Canada.

      It seems like you have made many wonderful friends there!

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