~What did I just catch?~

What did I just catch?
What did I just catch?
Whoa, it is a fighter!
Whoa, it is a fighter!
It was amusing when all of a sudden she jumped up and back.
Got it again!
Got it again; now what?

While on a walk today we spotted this Egret out in the marsh. The distance was really too great for me to capture detailed photos, but I wanted to share these. I noticed it was trying to eat something! If you click on the photos you might get an idea of what she caught.

Bike Trail
Many miles of bike trails in the park. Not sure I would want to walk these trails. Last year we saw a four foot Diamondback snake
Bird Tree
Bird Tree
My Scrub Jay, from yesterday, was sitting at the very top!
Jonathan has many marsh areas.
Jonathan has many marsh areas.

one lone Egret, fishing in a marsh

the big frog realized, it is pretty harsh

froggy grew quite big, must have lived awhile

guess this is the way, out in the wild

one has to eat, one has to die

in order to survive, you learn to be sly

17 thoughts on “~What did I just catch?~”

    1. Hi Mary-Pat. The Great Egret, I think, had a BIG fog for lunch! Thanks for commenting. I sure hope you are enjoying your time in Cajun country. The people are so friendly and “down-to-earth”.

  1. So nice to be out and about soaking in all nature has to offer! Great captures….I did enlarge the photos (I always do) and your poem is perfect!

    1. Hi Gay. Thanks! I am sorry, that I am a little behind in answering and commenting on blogs. I will catch up! I hope you are enjoying your days and capturing many beautiful photos!

  2. We are headed to the Everglades next month and hubby just finished reading me a review from someone who had stayed where we will be. He was commenting on finding venomous snakes in the campground! Yikes!

    Love your poem Sheila. 🙂

    1. Be careful! I have heard that the Python’s are plentiful down there. (people let them go).

      It is not fun having to worry about these snakes. When we stayed at Cave Creek, AZ we had to watch out for the rattle snakes, they were everywhere.

      It has been many, many years since we were down in the Everglades! Have fun, it is very beautiful!

    1. Jonathan Dickinson State Park is beautiful and the town of Hobe Sound is lovely. This past weekend, there were hundreds of GeoCaching folks having a fun time in the park. Over 250 caches! Glad you are having fun on the coast!

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