stages of their life

were reflected back at them

daily, providing

enlightenment and  knowledge

 their existence,  from seedling


Reflections - 4 of 4


Reflections - 1 of 4


Reflections - 3 of 4


Reflections - 2 of 4


While on our walk this morning, we saw these trees being reflected on the calm surface of the tea-colored, waters of the Blackwater River.

Blackwater River -  the color of tea
Blackwater River –
the color of tea

Live in the Now

8 thoughts on “~Reflections~”

    1. Hi Gay, sure sounds like you guys are enjoying Arizona! It is nice to be busy and have to catch up!! It hopefully means you are out and about taking photos, going on hikes and just enjoying yourself!
      Thank you!

    1. Bastet, you made my day when I read your comment! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I enjoy taking a photo and then trying to come up with a Haiku or Tanka or just a few words stating what the scene was about. (still all pretty new to me)

      Love your site and your beautiful poetry! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

      1. Sheila…thanks for your lovely reply. I too often take photographs and then use them to inspire poetry, so I feel we have something definately in common. I too enjoy yuor blog! My weekend was so so, here it rained again so was locked up in the house. Hope you’ll have a great week!

  1. Hi Sheila:
    I’m finally back into reading my blogs. This photographic wonder is so impressive. One of my favorite photo ops in the south-eastern US has been all the silent rivers’ reflections of the beauty on their shores. I also love anything ‘swamps.’ It’s just so different than my native California. I always brag about the natural diversity in my home state; but there just aren’t any swamps!

    1. Hi Mary-Pat! I am so very glad that you are feeling better! That was a very long time to have such a bad cold/flu. Yes, there is something special about the swamps and rivers in the southeastern states. I just loved you take on the state I grew up in – Louisiana. We will be staying, a few days near Lafayette hoping to partake in some delicious LA food, on our way back to Colorado! Have fun at the McDonald Observatory and in the town of Mafia. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!

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