~Friday’s Feathered Friend~ (Brown Thrasher)

~Brown Thrasher~ reddish-brown above, streaked below, yellow eye and down-curved bill

Added to my Birding Life List in January of 1988~

Brown Thrasher
Brown Thrasher


"Can you see me, I am hiding?"
“I’am trying to hide”


This Brown Thrasher was a frequent visitor to a wooded area near our campsite. I was delighted to see this bird and amused watching it hunt for food. At times it looked like a jack-hammer, repeatedly stretching upward and then coming down pounding the ground with its large bill. At times you would see dead leaves and pine needles flying in all directions as it sweep the forrest floor with its curved bill.


Jack-hammer Thrash
Jack-hammer Thrash


A nice view showing its streaked body and white-wing bars
A nice view showing its streaked body and white-wing bars

If you are interested in learning more about the Brown Thrasher, please visit this web-site or any other birding web-site:


It can be tricky to glimpse a Brown Thrasher in a tangled mass of shrubbery, and once you do you may wonder how such a boldly patterned, gangly bird could stay so hidden. Brown Thrashers wear a somewhat severe expression thanks to their heavy, slightly downcurved bill and staring yellow eyes, and they are the only thrasher species east of Texas. Brown Thrashers are exuberant singers, with one of the largest repertoires of any North American songbird. (description as taken from All About Birds)


Enjoy Birdwatching!

It can be entertaining as well as educational!


Just as I am! Every Friday you may participate in Feathers on Friday at Prairie Birder.

Here is Charlotte’s Blog web-site:


This is another great Blog to learn about Birds! 

18 thoughts on “~Friday’s Feathered Friend~ (Brown Thrasher)”

  1. Great photos – they are very pretty birds. I’ve seen one, I think, but he wasn’t hunting, just sitting there, then went into a bush. Still, I was excited about seeing him and getting a quick photo. 🙂

    1. Thanks Barbara! I love your photos as well. You are able to see some beautiful desert birds that I don’t get to see! I am glad you enjoy watching and photographing birds and other wildlife – it is so much fun! Have fun with family when they arrive for their visit!

    1. Hi Charlotte, thank you! Thanks for your wonderful birding site and for sharing other birders Blogs. I placed a note at the end of my blog in reference to your Feathers on Friday challenge. Please let me know if this is what you had in mind.

    1. Hey LuAnn, yes it is! Have you ever noticed a Robin, just standing there and then will tilt their head one way or the other? They are listening for the sounds of lunch! 🙂

      1. Very interesting. I had a close encounter with a sandhill crane the other day and he was doing much the same thing with me, tilting his head as I was quietly talking to him.

  2. The Brown Trasher is gorgeous and your photos are great. I love learning more about birds in this way, thanks a lot!
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Love, Dina

    1. Thank you so much Dear Dina!!! You are a sweetie! I am glad you enjoyed my birding post!

      I enjoyed your last post very much!
      Love, Sheila

  3. Good morning Sheila. I do love the brown thrasher. It is the Georgia state bird. Awesome pictures!

    Thanks for the link to Charlotte’s blog. I will definitely check it out!

    1. Good Morning Gay! I love seeing this beautiful bird and the challenge of getting a picture! This one was hanging in a certain area and very intent on eating! Thanks! You should post your bird photos on Char’s web site.

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