~Gators, Good Eats and Good Times~

~Meaher State Park~

Spanish Fort, Alabama


Big Mama
Big Mama
(This Gator was sunning herself behind Felix’s Fish Camp)

We arrived at Meaher State Park on Sunday and have eaten our way to Tuesday. It is a good thing we are leaving Wednesday morning!  However, with more southern Good Eats to look forward to, before we leave the states of Mississippi and Louisiana, I guess going on a diet will have to wait until I return home! I won’t even think about Tex-Mex as we travel across Texas!

What do all the items listed below have in common? Good Eats in Spanish Fort, Alabama!!

~Southern Pecan Beer~Soft Shell Crab~Oysters~Red Beans and Rice~Cheesy Grits~Crab Cakes~Seafood Gumbo~Green Fried Tomatoes~Seasoned Fresh Turnips~

Two places, to enjoy a fantastic meal around the Mobile area are: Felix’s Fish Camp and The Oyster House.  Both of these restaurants are located within a couple of miles from the state park.

These are the two we dined at, but there are many more to choose from. Judging by the people eating out in this area, we would say the economy is booming! 

Felix's Fish Camp
Felix’s Fish Camp
(where we enjoyed a delicious lunch)
Felix, when he is not in the kitchen cooking!
The Original Oyster House
The Original Oyster House
(our day two lunch)
A tall glass of Southern Pecan beer from the Lazy Magnolia Brewery
At The Original Oyster house we enjoyed a tall glass of Southern Pecan beer from the Lazy Magnolia Brewery
(located in Mississippi!

If you are ever driving west on 1-10 toward Mobile, Alabama, think about stopping for a day or two at Meaher State Park in Spanish Fort. Ask for their senior discount!

Meaher State Park is a lovely park situated in the wetlands of Mobile Bay.  Lots of Bays in the area: Mobile Bay, Ducker Bay, Chacaloochee Bay, Justin’s Bay,  D-Olive Bay and I am sure there must be others.

The campground has 56 new campsites all with full hookups. It has a new bathhouse with a 6 machine laundry room. All sites have blacktop pads, lots of grassy area between each site and all set in among tall pines. We are in a back-in site right on the Bay. Which bay, I guess it depends in what direction you are looking!!

If you are into touring grocery stores (which I get a big kick out of) while traveling, you will have a wonderful selection to pick from here in Spanish Fort, to include Florida’s Publix and Fresh Market!

Back Yard Gator (one of two hanging out behind our coach)
Back Yard Gator (one of two hanging out behind our coach)
A Reflection of a Happy Camper
A Reflection of a Happy Camper
A Cloudy Day Swimmer
A Cloudy Day Swimmer
A Broad Walk out into the Bay
A Broadwalk out into the Bay
Do you see our camp site in the distance?
Another view of our site from the boardwalk
Another view of our site from the boardwalk
"Are you enjoying the Sunset over my Bay?"
“Are you enjoying the Sunset over my Bay?”
I feel like I should have given her a name!
Hundreds of ducks landing in the Bay for the night!
Hundreds of ducks landing in the Bay for the night!
The Bay Bridge in the distance and a Fishing Pier in the park
The Bay Bridge in the distance and a Fishing Pier in the park on the right
A Mobile Bay Sunset as taken from our backyard
A  Bay Sunset as taken from our backyard

Did you think I forgot to take any additional bird photos? Nope, just wait!

Live in the Now

17 thoughts on “~Gators, Good Eats and Good Times~”

    1. Hi Ruth! It is funny. We first saw this Gator from the upper level dining room of the restaurant. After we ate we went downstairs to see if I could get a better photo. The restaurant is build on piers, because of hurricanes, so the lower level is open and fixed up so people can walk under there. They had a family down there with four young kids. The kids were playing by the waters edge in the reeds. Howard walked up to the Dad and said “Do you see the Alligator?” The Dad replied: “What Alligator?” Oh man!

  1. Wow! We just have to meet you guys there one year coming and going to and from FL. Do you need to ship you any Shrimp Creole Base while your in CO or did you stock up down here? 🙂 k

  2. WOW! Great shots, and I am green with envy about the fish restaurants! My dinner tonight is a small piece of wild salmon, for which I am most happy. But your options look amazing! Have a wonderful day before you head west for TX. And Griselda (gator…) looks so peaceful…. hope she has a good summer!

    Love to you, and of course =(heart) AM ______________________________ Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage. ~ Anas Nin


    1. Hey dear friend! Glad you enjoyed my post. Yes, the seafood down here can’t be beat. Of course, as you know, I LOVE salmon! We head to my brother’s in the morning for about 10 days! Hoping to see a foal born! Love sent to you, from one side of the US to the other! So glad you are enjoying yourself in the Northwest! I will let you know if we will get to stop by this coming summer/fall! A good name for the Gator!

  3. That SP is right up our alley. It hasn’t taken us long to work through our freezer full of Gulf seafood. In another week it’ll be gone 😦 The thought of LA food has my mouth watering…..love Cajun….enjoy!

    1. Ingrid, I bet you and hubby would enjoy this State Park. It is located right on the water, with a few walking trails, Good Eats for sure and lots of wildlife!

      Love Cajun food also!!! 🙂

  4. Sheila, this is a great post – gators, food, a fabulous-sounding State Park. I’ll definitely want to refer to this post when I again get to the south-east. I was amazed, in Louisiana, at some of the incredibly original things they do with seafood. The dishes you mention sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Thank you Mary-Pat. I hope you are enjoying your journey west! If you ever have any questions about some of the state parks we have visited, just let me know. Safe Travels!

  5. This looks like a great place to spend time. We will most likely be making our way back down south later this year so will keep this in mind. Thanks Sheila! 🙂

    1. Hey LuAnn, as I told Mary-Pat just let me know if you have any questions about the state parks. Looks like you are truly enjoying yourself, wonderful photos!

    1. Hi Wendy! I am thrilled that you enjoyed my post. If can be a bit strange having alligators swimming around in your backyard! I found them interesting to watch. The bigger of the two, would raise his head and tail out of the water, perhaps a mating ritual! I also watched them slowly swimming toward, what they were hoping was lunch, only to turn around after awhile. Blessing back to you Wendy! Love your blog!!

  6. Now that’s a beautiful spot to call home for a few days Sheila! What a view! And yummy lunches too…
    Of course, you know I can hardly wait for the bird photos!

    1. Hi Gay, yes a great place to stop for a few days. Our list of places to stop “for a few days” is getting longer and longer. 🙂 We find ourselves not wanting to travel many miles anymore!!
      Have fun! Travel safely! Hugs!

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