~Friday’s Feathered Friend-Tufted Titmouse~


~Tufted Titmouse – tufted dark gray head, straight black bill, whitish gray underparts, gray upper parts, rusty sides and flanks, gray tail.


Added to my Birding Life List on 04/15/98

(Jefferson, LA)



Coming in for a landing
Coming in for a landing

Interesting facts about the Tufted Titmouse:

Very intelligent

The largest Titmouse

Not afraid of  people

Will scoop down and pluck out a human hair to use for its nest

Will learn to eat out of your hand

Very social

Eats insects and their larvae, spiders, snails berries, acorns, nuts and seeds

Feeds its mate during courtship


Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse waiting its turn for a bath

As I sat on my coach sofa looking out the window on The Farm, I observed many species of birds flying in and out of a cavity in a large, old Pecan tree with this Tufted Titmouse being one of them. Notice the cavity in the Pecan tree above.

At first I didn’t realize what they were doing, but when a bigger bird landed in there and I saw water flying up into the air I knew. Ahh, a refreshing bath. I think the Titmouse was waiting for its turn.

When Howard asked my brother if he could put this rope in the tree to assist him in setting up some amateur radio antennas, my brother should have said NO. It kinda takes away from the photo.


Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse


Just as I am! Every Friday you may participate in Feathers on Friday at Prairie Birder.

Here is Charlotte’s Blog web-site:


This is another great Blog to learn about Birds!


Enjoy Birdwatching!

It can be entertaining as well as educational!



Note:Some of my information for this post was taken from Field Guide to Birds of North America, Smithsonian Handbook, Birds of North America and Cornell Lad of Ornithology and their website All About Birds.

2 thoughts on “~Friday’s Feathered Friend-Tufted Titmouse~”

  1. Oh how I LOVE the tufted titmouse. We sat on our porch back in Georgia and watched them for hours……saw babies leave the nest many times too! What a joy……

    1. They are so cute and fun to watch. We have some here in Steven F. Austin!

      Do you miss Georgia? You are probably having too much fun to miss being there.

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